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(Editor:Alexandra 7/31/2015)
Temple Run 2 has been a popular ADV game for a long time, which you can find on 9game easily ,following is what it attracts me.
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Temple Run 2 wins a lot of points for focusing on improving almost every aspect of the original rather than overhauling the game to change it. It's still the same, wrist-breaking, addictive game of avoiding death by the seat of your pants, but now it's just... better. The visuals are nice, with eye-catching backgrounds, although if you're like me you're glad to hear the music change from the annoyingly repetitive loop of the first game. The player-activated power-ups are a nice touch, allowing you to use helpful abilities by double-tapping the screen, and it feels like there's more variety to the things you encounter overall. But is it perfect? Well... not quite. Most of the objectives are, unfortunately, fairly repetitive and tend to boil down to "spend thus much", "go this far", or "get this much". There are also a few minor bugs (that will no doubt be ironed out) and frustrations, such as occasionally falling through a bridge when you try to leap across a gap, or rubber-banding off the side of a wall just enough to plummet into the abyss along a narrow edge. But ultimately? Temple Run 2 represents some of the very best "never gonna give you up, never gonna put you down" arcade action your Android can get. It's breathless, fun, addictive, and full of moreof everything you loved about the original. So go on, try it. Just... make sure you've completed any obligations you needed to do today first. Trust me on this.

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