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What Temple Run 3 Will Be Better Than Temple Run 2?

(Editor:GSA 5/19/2015)

Temple Run 2 has been downloaded millions of times on 9game, it’s by far one of the most enjoyable and fun ADV games to play.
However, Temple Run 3 is currently in the works and a lot of people are wondering what new additions the developers will consider for it and if it’s going to be as fun as the previous two installments. So What will Temple Run 3 Be Better Than Temple Run 2? Let’s find out!

Release date

If we are to consider that the next Temple Run installment is going to follow the same launch path as its predecessors, it should’ve been launched in January this year, but that certainly didn’t happen as we all know. What is keeping most people feeling very excited about the game is that they don’t know when it’s going to be released, since Imangi Studios didn’t say anything about a release date. Given the fact Imangi Studios are very well known for the fact they only release a game when they think it’s absolutely perfect, we can expect them to release TR 3 with few to no bugs and a lot of new and interesting features.

Online gaming

A very interesting feature of Temple Run 3 is that it may be possible for users to just play the game on the app’s official website. This means that no longer will you need to worry about downloading the game and then installing it on your desktop, smartphone or laptop. This is pretty good news, since most of the times installing apps does take quite a while and not everyone has a great internet bandwidth to speed up the process.

Better graphics

Given the fact the graphics and the overall environment of the second installment were greatly improved, we can definitely expect that Temple Run 3 will at least improve in these departments as well. If you’re a Temple Run enthusiast, then this should be very good news for you. That’s because it is currently rumored that TR 3 will also include more impressive spin-offs of the Oz movie. On the other hand, if it will get a bump in the graphics department, then it means you’ll either need to play with the settings so it runs smoothly on your device or get a new phone to play at maximum settings.

When will it be you?

Currently the only certain piece of info we have is that the game will be launched this year. When exactly? Nobody knows, but there are some people on the online forums claiming it’s going to be somewhere in August. If the game is going to be as fun to play as the previous installments, but also look better, then without a doubt it’s going to be downloaded by tens of millions of people.

In the meantime, you can just play the first or second installment and hone your Temple Run skills so that you finish the third one with the highest possible score. More information about  Temple Run 2 can be found on 9game

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